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  • Dr.
    Lonna Gerstner
    Dr. Lonna Gerstner Dr. Lonna Gerstner has been at Hawthorne since graduating Veterinary school at Colorado State in 1980. She bought the practice in 1985 and has continued building and expanding the clinic ever since. Dr. Gerstner completed her Masters in microbiology from the University of Wyoming in 1976, then continued onto Colorado State University to obtain her veterinary degree. Dr. Gerstner enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine but holds a special interest in equine reproductions and small animal orthopedic surgeries. She was raised on a ranch in Wyoming where she developed her love for animals. Dr. Gerstner can always be found with her trusted border collie Whip when she is at the clinic or during her free time. She is often found riding or driving her horses, enjoying her milk cow Della, working her sheep or spending time at her cabin.
  • Dr.
    Shelley Gerstner
    Dr. Shelley Gerstner followed in her aunt’s path and attended the University of Wyoming for her bachelor’s degree, then went on to Washington State University for her veterinary education. She then completed an internship working with an equine surgeon in Tennessee for a year. Dr. Shelley then joined Hawthorne Animal Hospital in June 2016. Dr. Shelley enjoys working with all animals but is especially fond of all aspects of equine medicine, small animal surgery and she is also certified in veterinary acupuncture. Dr. Shelley grew up on a cattle and horse ranch in Wyoming which established her love for taking care of animals. When Dr. Shelley is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, helping on the family ranch, riding or driving her horse, James, or hanging out at home with her cat, Coug. She also enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, skiing or kayaking.
  • Dr.
    Nan Mueller
    Dr. Nan Mueller is a twice over graduate of Kansas State University, Bachelor of Science in 1994 and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2010. She started her veterinary career in upstate New York, before moving to Idaho in 2013. Dr. Nan became an addition at Hawthorne Animal Hospital in August 2015. Her focus is primarily small animals, with an interest in exotics and animal behavior. Dr. Nan lived most of her life “east of the Rockies”, having lived in Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, and New York, as well as overseas. With a veterinarian/minister father and a registered nurse mother, she grew up with a love for the sciences and a fascination and love of animals. In her off time, Dr. Nan enjoys crocheting (and still contemplating learning knitting) and other crafts, spending time with her cats Kegan and Hedgehog, hiking in nature’s beauty and wonders, and reading.